The Institute of Medical Science, The University Of Tokyo


Primary goals

Primary goal of our laboratory is to understand the immunological mechanisms of the intra- and inter-cellular signaling pathways that mediate the immunogenicity of successful vaccines, as well as biological responses to adjuvants. Such knowledge will enable us to develop novel concepts, modalities and next generation immuno-preventive and/or therapeutic agents against infectious diseases, cancer and allergy as well as other non-communicable diseases.

Research topics

<Basic and translational vaccine science>

  1. Nucleic acids as an essential built-in adjuvant for successful vaccines
  2. Old, but newly evolving adjuvant research

<Human immunology, clinical development of novel adjuvants and their biomarkers>

  1. A Ph-I clinical trial for novel-adjuvanted vaccine
  2. Development of the second-generation adjuvants
  3. Clinical studies on seeking bio-marker(s) for safety as well as efficacy of adjuvanted vaccines